All property in the Grove Hill neighborhood is governed by a board of directors and all residents are required to follow the neighborhood’s Declaration of Covenants. To ensure that you are receiving newsletters and neighborhood announcements, please give your name, telephone number and email address to the association manager.

Please remember that annual dues of $544.50 are due on the 1st of January each year. Fees should be mailed to the Grove Hill Homeowners' Association at P. O. Box 2658, Auburn, AL 36831-2658.

This is a online copy of the Covenants for reference only and may contain omissions and errors. For an official copy please contact the association manager at (334) 826-5884.

If you know of a covenant violation and it has not been resolved, please complete this form and submit it to the association manager through email or regular mail your form to: Grove Hill Homeowners' Association (GHHA), P.O. Box 2658, Auburn, Alabama 36831-2658.

If you are planning to place a fence on you property, please remember to submit your plan to the Architectural Review Committee (ARC). These guideline will assist you in ensuring that your fence plans will meet with the Grove Hill Homeowners' Association standards.

If you are planning an exterior improvement project, submit this form to the association manager via email or regular mail PRIOR to beginning your project. Submissions will be reviewed according to the current "Declaration of Covenants" and Architectural Review standards.

Grove Hill Homeowners’ Association  •  P.O. Box 2658  •  Auburn, AL 36831-2658  •  334.826.5884